Thursday, August 14, 2008

God is so good...

Yipee! Mark got his compliment from that certain someone!! I couldn't believe it when he told me... This whole experience reminded me that God truly loves us and cares about the "small things!" Sometimes I think He answers the silly prayers because He knows it makes us so happy and like a parent, He just wants to see us happy!

Several years ago, we took our dog to my grandpa's house in Traverse City, Michigan. Troy had so much fun playing in the water and waves that he lost his collar and dog tags. The next day, Mark was wading in the water and prayed for the collar. Mark specifically said in his prayer that it was no big deal, but it would be kinda cool if he could find the collar. As he was shuffling along, he found the collar underneath a little bit of silt! How cool is our God??


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