Wednesday, August 13, 2008

25 lbs down and other ramblings!

Yee-haw... God has melted 25 pounds off of my body! I am so excited... soon I will be down to my before Ryan weight and then I can work on removing Zach from my fat stores. I have mainly had God take this weight off of me through a life changing bible study called "Setting Captives Free ~ The Lord's Table." I have grown so much closer to God through this and as a result, He is removing the pounds. I would encourage any of you to check this out - or ask me some questions! I love it...

With the huge celebration above, I'm not sure why I'm "weepy" today. It might be because my heart is heavy with prayer for Mark and some junk he is going through. I truly know God is in control and it will go according to His plan, but I hate the uncertainity that goes with waiting for the answer. If you read this, just pray that Mark gets a compliment from someone specific!

Ryan is headed to the neurologist today and we will address his increase in seizures since he has been growing. I hope Mark remembers to ask if the medicine makes Ryan dizzy and could that be why he falls so much? I don't really want to switch meds again because the current cocktail works pretty well. But again - God is in control!

School starts in 4 days and the boys are soooo excited to ride the bus again and see their teachers. I'm excited for them too, although this means that I am back in full-swing too. I am just ready for a schedule and a routine (not to mention a paycheck!!) I think this will be a great year! Zach is making some huge progress. Just the other day he was "drawing" pictures of Mark and I. We look like big blobs of yellow scribble (but my blob might be getting smaller??) and so I would repeatedly ask Zach which was me and which was dad. Each time, he pointed to our "picture" and he was consistent. So I guess that means that his drawing actually looks like us in his mind. I thought it was great that he was consistent! Here's hope that by the time he is 80 he is ready for college! Just think how huge is 529 college savings plan will be!

Thanks for reading about my ho-hum life!

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