Friday, August 8, 2008

"Back home again, in Indiana..."

The boys and I came up to Indiana for a few days to visit with the grandparents and friends from high school and college. I'm going to a wedding this weekend of one of my best friends from college - she was an old roommate and put up with me longer than anyone should have to!

Our flight here was a bit nerve wracking... I got to the first security checkpoint and realized that I didn't have my ID! They gave me a special boarding pass and an extra special security screening. But right at the point that I became stressed that I didn't have my ID was the point where the boys got tired of following directions and became boogers! Ryan stopped walking and Zach slowed down and started looking at everything like he has never seen an airport before!

Once we got to the metal detectors and x-ray machines, the special security measures kicked in. The good news was, my bags were taken and I only had to take the boys - some guy did the bomb test on them and I had plenty of time to get everyone's shoes on. It was nice to have help through security!

I decided not to check anything and so we dragged a ton of stuff through security and through the terminal. I'm not sure this was the best idea, because it was a ton of stuff - including a booster seat! Once we got to our gate, we were blessed by having 2 other small children that played with Zach and Ryan and I could take care of my missing ID.

I have a friend who is one of those people who always bails me out of my troubles - she's my knight in shining armor! So I called Cindy - only to realize 5 minutes into the conversation that I called the wrong number! Oops...

The airplane was almost empty and we had no trouble getting seats. Ryan was squirmy and kept playing with the tray table and window shades. After about 2 hours he was totally whiney and annoying. I said, "It's a good thing we are going to Grandma's because someone needs to love you!" I guess I said this rather loudly and the people behind me started laughing. So once again, bad mom struck again!

Once we got here, we've had a ton of fun catching up with old friends and playing outside a ton. It's low 80's/high 70's. Perfect weather... In a few hours we will head to Bloomington for a big party!


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