Friday, July 11, 2008

My life in a few paragraphs

I figured if this blog is about my family, I should provide a little background. Mark and I have two beautiful boys ages 7 and 3. They both have some unknown developmental delay and we have run a million tests and everything comes back "normal". So we know what they don't have...

Through the journey of raising 2 special needs children, I've gone through a lot of emotions, reactions, pain, laughter, struggles, joys, and every other emotion a parent feels. I have learned some things that I want to share and I have been able to see the humor in our situation. I'm a big believer in either laugh or cry. We have had moments of both, and will continue to, but I think as parents of special needs kids, we are so intense that if we don't stop and share the joy, we do ourselves and everyone else a disservice.

As I continue to blog, I will share past and present stories about my boys and our journey. I find it kind of weird to start a blog in the "middle". You won't know all of our past, but hopefully that won't matter. My goal is to be open about my pain and hopefully that will somehow, someway help another parent in my situation. I truly believe God has a plan for my boys. I believe He is going to grow them into men of God and there is a purpose for their "handicap". I also believe God has put a burden on my heart for other parents of special needs kids. So we shall see what the Lord does with this!


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