Monday, July 21, 2008

Day one of summer vacation

This is the ceremonial throwing away of the backpacks. For Zach, it marks the end of 1st grade. For Ryan, it means just the end of another pre-k year. He has two more years until kindergarten. Their backpacks were pretty tattered and Ryan's straps were just about to detach from his backpack.

Due to the boys going to summer school for five weeks, I consider today to be our first day of summer vacation. I was dreading these 3 weeks before school started, but I realize that we live in a fun area. We can go to the beach, the interactive fountain, parks, and so many other free adventures. I think we are going to have a blast!

Today is errands day though, so we are going to go on several "treasure hunts" around town. I also need to get in some exercise at the Y. I plan on going to the fountain in downtown Venice for a little splashing and laughing. I think the key is to keep the boys out of trouble. I hate all the wrestling these boys do, but a friend of mine told me that it is in the DNA of boys. She has four boys, so I trust her on all things related to bringing up boys! So the point is - keep them busy!

I'll let you know how the day goes!

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