Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Five

Ode to Troy Boy...

Five stories about Troy the Duke of Edgewood. I recognize that these stories are just for my benefit and probably boring to the rest of you. Tough luck...

1. He used to run off and go swimming in the lake behind our old house. I loved to see him swim, but was horribly nervous because there is a giant alligator that resides in the lake. One day, Troy ran away and was picked up by Animal Control. We worried ourselves crazy, but were relieved when we found out he was at the pound. Since he was in doggie jail, we wondered if they painted white stripes on his black coat.

2. When Troy was a puppy, we kept him out on the lanai while we were at work. One day, he completely shredded a futon. It looked like it snowed inside and Mark had to use a rake to clean it up the mess!

3. Troy used to get into the trash and one morning he got his head stuck in the trash can lid and when we came home, he was wearing it like a necklace.

4. The floor in our old house was terrazo - which is basically a polished, smooth cement like surface. This guy, Wade, used to come over and Troy would be so excited to see Wade. He would run up to him, but slip and slide all over the floor. Wade would grab Troy's tail, spin him around in circles and slide him across the floor. It was like bowling with Troy. Troy would hop up and run back for more!

5. We used to dress Troy up in clothes. Not because we thought it was cute, but because we wanted him to be ready for the "abuse" children would give him. At one point, we took an old pair of "tighty-whities" and cut a hole for his tail. Troy had his own underwear and he wore this with a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a t-shirt. Troy was humiliated by all this... I wish we had a picture!

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