Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Five!

I don't have anything profound to say... but I like the reading other people's random posts and I decided I like the Friday Five format. So here are the five thoughts on my mind...

1. Mark has been in Brazil for the last week doing some training for the new airplane Agape has. The airplane is Brazilian and the only place with a simulator is south Brazil. We've skyped a few times, but I'm pretty boring and didn't have much to say! Same old, same old around here! Anyway, he is taking his test right about now and so I'm praying he passes with flying colors.

2. Max Lucado tweeted something like this: Success is doing what the Lord made you to do. I love that quote... success is not having the "perfect life" or loads of money. It's doing what you were made to do. That got me thinking about what I was made to do, and I don't have the answer. And it made me think of Mark... he is a success! He was made to fly and he flies, for the Lord. How great is that?? So I can't help but be a bit jealous. He knew what he wanted to do and he does it. He doesn't make loads of money, but his job is something he is passionate about. This also makes me think of my brother. For as long as I can remember, he has wanted to be a police man. He is successful because he is doing what he was made to do. Then there is me... who constantly looks at other jobs and wonders if there is something better out there. Hmmm.... something to think about for the summer!

3. The boys and I went to the beach for a mini vacation last weekend. We took our friend Krystal and the Kramers met up with us. It was tons of fun, but I don't have any pictures yet. I didn't bring my camera to the beach, but Krystal did. Once she sends them to me, I'll be able to post a little more.

4. Triathalon training: What were we thinking?? I am confident that we will finish, but under two hours? I am not so sure. The bike portion seems to be our slowest, but the bike to run part is a KILLER. We ran last night and my legs felt like lead. That makes running hard and unfun.

5. I think today we will hit the gym for a treadmill run. Then the beach and splash pad. Hopefully that will sufficiently wear the children out for nap time! Well, gotta run along, they are using cutting boards as weapons!

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Katie Kramer said...

Woot Woot! I got a shout out on your blog (well at least the Kramers did) I have pictures from last weekend, do you want me to send them to you?