Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A wonderful visit...

My brother and his family were in Ft. Walton Beach this week and so we flew up to spend two days with them. I love my brother and I especially love his family. Whenever we are together, we have a blast - and they "get" my children which is huge.

Anyway, I learned a few things...
  • Zachary can sing the "Bow, chicka, bow, bow" porn refrain. Doug (my brother) has a new officer on his police force and his name sounds like a porn star. So we were joking about it, and sang the "bow, chicka, bow, bow..." and Zach heard us laughing. Since he always wants to be in on a good joke, he started singing it. That made us laugh even harder... Then, his cousin, Jack, started egging him on and, well we heard that the next several hours. Both Jack and Zach have no idea what is so wrong with all of this, because they are both innocent. Thankfully...
  • I am a poo-fessional. I can handle all poo-trastophe's. Apparently this is a "Gauthier" trait because my brother is also a certifed poo-fessional. My husband, Mark, however is not. The "girls" and I were visiting a cute little town and a poo-trastophe struck. A little poop ended up being a big mess - because Mark is not a poo-fessional. Needless to say, Uncle Doug to the rescue...
  • If you want to look skinny do this: get really fat for a few years. Then when you lose 15 lbs they think you are so skinny!

I didn't bring my camera, so I will have pictures of the adventures as soon as I get them from Doug!


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Anonymous said...

I can always count on you for a laugh! Glad you had a good time!

I mean, if Maddy ever learns to talk, we are in BIG trouble!!!

D said...

The pictures "are in the mail"