Thursday, March 18, 2010

All before noon...

This has been a crazy week, so I don't know why I thought today would be any different...

Last night after Bible Study, Zach and I headed to St. Pete to spend the night with Krystal. Why? Because she was there for a conference and Zach had to be at All Children's Hospital at 6:30 am for hernia surgery.

We get to the hospital this morning with plenty of time to spare. As we are about to check in, I realize that I left his comfort-blanket in the car. We go through the small hassle of getting the blanket and then begin the pre-op procedures.

Zach is NOT a fan of the pre-op. And after struggling with him, he finally settles in. A parade of nurses and doctors come in and ask the same questions - thankfully they all want to be on the same page. One nurse asking him about his Michigan t-shirt and we talk about how his grandma and grandpa went there.

So as they prepare to wheel him off, I ask him if he wants his blanket that we hiked back to the car to get. Nope, he preferred his t-shirt that represents his grandma. Aaawwww... how sweet.

Surgery is quick and uneventful. He is sprung at 10:05 am and we head to get him a snack. As I'm feeding him Doritos and fruit (don't judge...) I get a call from Venice Elementary.

Ryan needs stitches. He was pushed and fell on the concrete. I'm not sure why the "goober hat" didn't keep him from being hurt, but well, accidents happen.

I call Mark, have him rush to Venice El and take Ryan to Venice Hospital. I will meet him there and "trade" kids so he can get back to work. He could take Zach to work with him and then I'll get him when Ryan's fixed up.

Lucky me... I get there in time to be the one who gets to pin Ryan down while they stitch him. I'm the lucky one who hears him scream and cry. As if that is not enough, he cries, "Momma, why. Mommmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaa, whhhhhhhhyyyyyyy. Momma, why!"

Then they wrap the compression bandage around his head to get the swelling down and stop the bleeding. Later, Mark sees him and says he looks like a Civil War soldier. Yeah, he kinda does.

Anyway, all this before noon. Nap anyone?


Aaron Thomae said...

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nevalia said...

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Sara @ Domestically Challenged said... Maybe you need to sleep in!? I hope everything has settled by now for you.