Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday! So what does that mean? A chance to deny happenings MckMama style. This blog carnival was started by So when you are done rolling your eyes at me, head on over to MckMama's site to see hundreds of other denials!

I am NOT sad to admit that I haven't had much to deny lately - so I will NOT continue in my several month long streak of offering up lame denials...

I do NOT let my children get a face-full of sand when at the playground. I guess Ryan doesn't mind...

I did NOT laugh my head off when my dad ordered blackened tofu on a taco salad. You see, my dad is NOT a conservative, middle-American CPA. So after the waitress left, we did NOT ridicule him - only to find out, he did NOT think tofu was a fish. Then we razzed him about the taco salad with fish? He did NOT think he ordered a ceasar salad. Needless to say, we did NOT change his order.

Speaking of my dad (or not speaking of my dad), we did NOT go to the beach twice while he was here. He did NOT wear shorts and he did NOT stay away from the water. Ryan did NOT try really hard to get him in the Gulf. No luck...

My mom did NOT spend a week at our house and we did NOT relax for days. I mean seriously we did NOT have our days filled with reading, relaxing, and just "being".

I am NOT getting addicted to editing photos. I did NOT spend all this time editing photos and trying to put them on my blog from Picasa, only to have it mess up. I do NOT (really, I don't know) know what happened to the post below this one... The pictures worked last night.

My children were NOT off the wall last night. Ryan did NOT strip his bed and empty his drawers when he was supposed to be sleeping. I did NOT ignore the noise because I was NOT editing pictuers. Only to be really mad to see the mess. I do NOT ignore my children when I know they are up to no good. I do NOT ignore the noise because I know the mess will be huge!

It's raining today and I am NOT super happy because I can sit around and NOT piddle my time away while the boys are at summer school. Oh, I do NOT love summer school and I do NOT wish it lasted all summer!

Sorry this is so lame - I will try and act crazier next week!!

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