Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Hello everyone! It's Monday and that is my chance to deny several things that most definitely did NOT happen this week... This is a blog carnival started by MckMama at So after you read this post - head over there and see what hundreds of other people have NOT done this week.

I do NOT want to admit this, but this is a pretty light week for us... So I will NOT keep this brief...

I am NOT spending my first true day of summer vacation cleaning my house. I do NOT put off my spring cleaning until summer... My parents are NOT coming in 2 weeks and I do NOT want the house in pristine condition for their visit. This does NOT involve painting way too many walls... I do NOT know why I insist on doing stupid things like vacuum under my bed just because my parents are visiting. I would be seriously surprised if my mom looked under there... So why do I obsess about weird things like that??

We are NOT on computer number THREE in less than three weeks. Thank God for the two spare computers we HAD - they are no longer spare. I am NOT putting off taking the "real" computer to the computer guy because I know it is hopeless. But I do want to get my pictures. As an avid scrapbooker - I am NOT seriously bummed that all my pictures from 2009 are gone!!

I did NOT spend over an hour on Saturday getting about 20 listings ready for Ebay. Only to have that computer die on us!! I am NOT afraid to do all that work again... What if this computer dies? I did NOT go to Goodwill this morning and find some great shoes to resell. One should go for about $100!! However, it does NOT have a flaw on the heel that I might need to fix before I sell...

Oh and this is NOT how we fix computers in our household. I know what you are thinking... no wonder we are on computer number 3...

I did NOT buy an expensive bed for my child only to have him sleep on the floor night after night. Think how much room I would save if I could get rid of his bed... See Zachy sleeping on the floor?
I do NOT get a kick out of how Ryan sleeps - with his feet propped up...

Or hanging over the bottom of the bed.
Oh, and my kids ALWAYS wear pajamas to bed. I do NOT let them sleep in the t-shirt they wore that day. What kind of parent do you think I am? Don't answer... I also do NOT have Ryan in "princess pants" because they were on sale super cheap.
I am NOT praying that tomorrow's visit to the neurologist will result in some ADD/ADHD meds! I mean what parent begs for drugs for their children? Certainly NOT me!
I did NOT find a rat's nest in my new classroom for next year. I did NOT refuse to move my stuff until I know for certain that this "class pet" has been relocated. And speaking of next year, I am NOT super psyched about my schedule. I will be teaching 6th and 7th grade reading/language arts. It is going to rock!! I mean it's NOT going to rock.
See? Mild week... I will NOT start collecting things to add to next week's list!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What cute shots! My little guy likes to sleep on the floor sometimes too!
Oh, when you are done cleaning, can you come start mine?

RaisingOlives said...

Adorable pictures. We also do NOT allow our children to just wear t-shirts or just a diaper to bed, always pajamas.


Terri said...

No matter what the day was like, seeing your child sleeping is so priceless! Your sleeping little looks so sweet! Oh, and yes, after a long day, you find our children wearing their clothes to bed. There has been a few Sundays that our baby sleeps in the dress she wore at church.
There's nothing like June to get you excited for the upcoming school year!