Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh no, Not Me!

Hi there! Welcome to my brief list of things that I would NEVER do... This is a blog carnival that was started by MckMamma over at MckMamma is back in action after having a crazy experience with her youngest son and heart issues.

We'll start with MckMamma... I have NOT been following her harrowing adventures with her son Stellan as he struggled with SVT and heart issues. I was NOT praying for baby Stellan and the rest of her family. And her updates did NOT prompt me to pray for the other babies in ICU that she was able to meet. And, ok, I will NOT be honest... I was NOT a little jealous that she has literally thousands and thousands of people praying for her kids. How UNcool would that be to have so many people praying for my boys? Anyway, my boys are NOT in a good spot right now... [I hope I didn't just jinx us... Although I don't believe in jinxes - you know what I mean, right?]

Anyway, I did NOT have a lovely weekend of doing NOTHING! I did NOT finish my 2008 scrapbook on Friday night - ok, so I still do NOT have to update Ryan's scrapbook, do Zach's 2nd grade year and we are 5 months into 2009... During my lovely weekend of NOTHING, I did NOT cut my kid's hair and royally screw up Zachs. I should have taken a picture, but it's awful... I did NOT crop the back too much and I did NOT give him this weird red-neck look at the ears. I am NOT kinda thankful for the goober hat at school - maybe the bad 'do won't be seen??

I did NOT wake up this morning and decide that if I NEVER, EVER, EVER run a marathon again that would be fine. I did NOT realize that training for that stupid thing was a burden and unfun. So I did NOT vow to not even use the marathon word in reference to the future ever again. NOT speaking of marathons... I did NOT have to share my experiences with three groups of students. I did NOT feel weird for not being more proud of myself for even getting out there. I do NOT feel like a loser because I had to walk half of the stupid thing. I should be more thrilled that I accomplished something I didn't think I could. I should NOT worry/focus/perseverate about/on the 100 years it took me to finish.

And... I did NOT laugh when a kid told me ran 20 miles on his treadmill. I know my five mile run this morning felt like a marathon, so I can actually relate. And... I was NOT super impressed by some of the kids I talked to - they were such good listeners and such sweethearts. Two boys actually congratulated me and shook my hand when I saw them on campus later. You know, I spend so much of my time dealing with kids who are struggling and when you see these same kids act like a million bucks, it really does NOT bring tears to my eyes.

Oh, and I do NOT look like a leper with my skin flaking off on my shoulders. Because I take such good care of my skin, I would never have such a bad sunburn that it would take 5 days to "turn to tan".

I have NOT gotten into this "grocery game" of saving money and buying stuff when it's super cheap. I did NOT drag Zach to Albertsons so I could buy cheap milk, chicken breasts, and a loaf of bread. I am NOT going figure out how to use coupons better and all that good stuff. I do NOT wish I lived in a place that doubled coupons. How wrong is that??

And I will NOT not keep boring you with my confessions. I am NOT at work right now without any pictures to add... So if you want some pictures, scroll down and see me breaking child labor laws...

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Prachar family said...

Sorry about the sunburn! I hate it when it takes days to "turn to tan"! I keep telling myself, I will never let that happen again...every time!