Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not Me Monday (updated!!)

It is NOT Monday somewhere in the world... I do NOT have a few minutes and I thought if I did this at home, I would NOT be able to add some photos... Not Me! Monday is a game started by MckMama at This is like free therapy where we can deny a few things that we most certainly did NOT do!

I did NOT ask for an afternoon to myself as my mother's day gift. I mean isn't the purpose of Mother's Day to spend time with the family? I did NOT go to the beach with two magazines and a book. Later I did NOT go to my favorite location... BARGIN BARN to find things to resell. I did NOT find a pair of Crocs in my size!! You're right, I didn't... I found two pairs!!

I did NOT laugh my head off when my sister in law sent me this video. I KNEW I would make mother of the year.... Click here to see my award announced on the news!!

I did NOT further enjoy my Mother's Day weekend by sending the kids to Buddy Break on Saturday morning. I did NOT laugh my head off when my son hesitantly particpated in the
talent show. His talent? Sticking his legs in the air. No, he didn't tumble, he didn't stand on his head, he laid on the mat and stuck his legs in the air. I am NOT the proudest mamma in the world.

But once he started showing off his talent, he did NOT want to get off the stage. He even took the mike from the emcee and start talking to everyone. He is NOT just like his mom - he does NOT love to be the center of attention!

I did NOT tell the whole world (virtual and real) about my friend and her game of "I Spy." I did NOT resist the temptation to give her more appropriate equipment to use in her next game. I did NOT want to put a bunch of papertowel tubes all over her office...

I did NOT get great pleasure out of watching my 7 year old play with a remote controlled fart machine. I did NOT think that we have made great strides in his speech/potty training when he walked around and asked everyone if they had to go to the bathroom. I did NOT further laugh at my children when the 4 year old wanted a turn but didn't get what was so funny after he pushed the button a few times. The machine is NOT going to work with me tomorrow!!

There is so much more to deny, but I'm stopping here... Stay tuned to next week!


Prachar family said...

Love that talent! When you got it, FLAUNT it!! Go Zach! Farting maching...why didn't I think of that???

Prachar family said...

okay, I almost wet my pants! Love the video! And I can say I knew her when...

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That was great~ sticking your feet in the air! Love it! Now, I need to go check out the vido!