Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's see... Psycho number 5?

When does it get easier? When does a simple visit to the pediatrician, with a simple problem, end in a simple solution? Definitely not today...

How many children in America are on ADD/ADHD medicine? How many get diagnosed in a given day? Tons, right? So you would think a trip to the pediatrician with a pretty indicative Connors Rating Scale would result in a diagnosis and treatment of ADD. Nope, not in our world.

Dr. Perez looks at Zach's Connors and says, "Wow! He's really high in most areas."

Hmmm... ask his teachers - they will tell you he is off the charts.

Then Dr. Perez says, "I want you to go to Dr. So-and-so. He is the best neuropsycholgist around. Or wait, maybe you should go to Dr. Tridas the best developmental pediatrician around. Maybe he can get to the bottom of this."

Ugh. I just wanted some Ritalin. What's so tough about that?

Zach, at the ripe old age of 7 has seen 2 school psychologists. One of them told me his IQ was 42. Uh-huh, sure. Zach has been to 2 behaviorial pediatricians. Both of whom are well regarded in the field. One was unable to get anywhere with Zach and the other died. So is this new guy going to really tell me something? Figure something out? I am not feeling to positive about this.

Like I said, I just want some Ritalin so the child can focus enough to write his name! The med is given in Pez dispensers at school... Why is this so difficult?

So now I begin the hurry-up-and-wait game with another specialist. Hurry and call for the appointment. Wait 6 months until you can get in. Hurry and get there. Wait for the results. Hurry and get there. Find out nothing new. Hear the standard, "I dunno."

We have seen the following doctors and gotten nowhere: 2 geneticists, 2 neurologists, 1 cardiologist, 1 pulmonologist, 2 psychiatrists/developmental pediatrician, 3 opthamologists, numerous MRI's and EEGs, and I know I am missing a few. These people get seen at least once a year and they are all in Tampa. But no one knows what is up with the kids.

I am getting frustrated, really, really frustrated. And that is why my tone is quite sarcastic. All I want (for now) is some ritalin. Because each day that passes that Zach is not able to focus, he gets further behind. He can't afford to get anymore behind!

Oh and then - I go to pick up Ryan afterschool and Zach is with me. We are walking up the sidewalk to the building and some kid says to the group of kids standing around, "Oh, here he comes. Yuck. It's Zach." I glare at this child. The other kids just ignore the comments. So the kid goes on, "He drools. Gross." I glared even harder. I wanted to chew him out, but knew I was not going to say what I wanted to say very well, so I ratted him out to a teacher at school. The worst part, the kid is the son of the ESE Liason. The person who is supposed to champion special needs kids. Hmmm... When does it get easier?

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Prachar family said...

Oh, Kristin, my heart many questions and so few answers. Praying the God of hope and peace will comfort you and thanking him immensely for the blessings of your sense of humor!