Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Thankfulness

Ya know how today is Thanksgiving... Well, I thought it might be a good idea to list what I'm thankful for. I don't think I can list them all here, but I'm gonna start. I am going to throw some pictures in here for visual interest. They probably don't have anything to do with the list...
* An amazing Father in Heaven who loves me even though He knows me through and through.
* My husband who loves me despite my best attempts to be a world-class brat.
* My children who don't know any better than to love me!
* A job that I love 85% of the time, but enables me to support my family.
* My husband's job that he loves 99.9% of the time and he gets to work for God.
* Two amazing parents that sacrificed a lot so that I could be the kid I am.
* Two parents that showed me what hard work looks like and that the only way to get what you need is through hardwork.
* A really cool brother who demonstrated what it looks like to overcome obstacles.
* My brother's wife who is amazing and understands what it's like to raise "funky" kids. I wish I lived closer so we could spend more time together. Plus, their kids would make really great babysitters...
* My husband's family that taught him hardwork and how to not let the bummer things in life define you.
* Friends who rock and are there through the thick and thin. I'm a lucky girl.
* A very nice roof over my head. Ok, so it's not glamorous, big or wonderfully decorated. But it's safe, clean-ish, and is our home.
* A little five year old who has chosen to sleep in today.
* An 8 year old who is happily playing.
* Ryan's seizures are more or less under control.
* Zach's ADHD medicine works.

* Zach is talking so much more. He even comes up with funny phrases.
* When Zach made a mess this morning, he chose the bathroom rather than the carpet in his bedroom.
* My husband makes coffee without complaining.
* We get to go to Colorado for Christmas.
* I have 3 friends that I run with in the mornings and it's like therapy.
* A "puppy" dog who will be with us a few more years. Better living through chemistry...
* A cell phone that gets Facebook and the Internet.
* Two cars that drive and get me where I need to go.
* My husband's airplane - even if it isn't all that impressive - we have an airplane.
* Zach and Ryan's teacher. They put up with soooo much and still love those boys.
* The ability to laugh at myself.
* Amazing co-workers who listen to me and give me ideas and balance.
* I am especially thankful for Em - she's like my work big sister.
* The love of reading that my mom gave me.
* Scrapbooking and digital cameras.
* Grass that doesn't have to be mowed too often in the winter.
* Tulips, fall leaves, and geraniums
* Salty, cheesy food.
* My accountability partner, Jen
* My favorite pair of jeans that are the perfect length
* Finding the running shoes that work for me.
* Selling things on eBay so I can afford Christmas
* Cream in coffee - even though I don't do this much
* My Frankenstein mug
* Rainy days

I have so much more to be thankful for, but it's getting a bit chaotic around here, so I'm gonna run along. What silly things are you thankful for?

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