Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Ten Thursday

I love Top 10 lists! Sara at Domestically Challenged and her friends have started this lovely blog carnival. So feel free to create your own lists!

Top 10 reasons I haven't blogged lately...
1. I haven't had anything very exciting to talk about. How interesting is it to talk about my crazy children or my own crazy-self?
2. I haven't taken the time. I mean, who has time to blog when there are fun games on Facebook? I personally prefer the one where you crunch Christmas ornaments.
3. I haven't done anything I need to deny for Not Me! Monday. Seriously...
4. I actually have work this year! Last year I had little pockets of time I would use to blog. This year, not so much. Just so you know... I really did work last year, I used blogging as a brain break - this year - no time!
5. I hate downloading pictures from my camera. My blogs are boring enough - I should at least add some pictures!
6. I have been in a bit of a funk lately and I'm worried that my blogs will just be a bunch of whining about how awful my life is. It's not awful, but I'm in a funk and so I get really good at exaggerating.
7. My feet stink. That's really not a reason, but these sandals are making my feet smelly and I thought you should know.
8. The boys hog the computer. Seriously. An 8 year old and a 5 year old constantly use the computer!
9. I am trying to be more responsible with my use of time. Ok, maybe not.
10. I am in a funk and I have nothing fun to talk about. See - I even had to repeat my top tens! I guess the funk is just a weariness about not doing enough to help my children and a frustration that we still don't know what is causing their funks. I know it's not life threatening, but I want a miracle. I want a "box" to fit in. People to identify with. I want to talk to people who have the same situation as me. Two kids with the "funk." An 8 year old who still poops his pants but isn't "autistic". I don't want to be around people who worry about their 5 year old coloring outside the lines. And I know there are people who listen to me whine about my situation and get mad at me because I have it better than they do. I get that. But this is my blog and I'm gonna whine.
There, I'm done... I bet you wished you weren't still reading!

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Carol said...

No, I always glad to read your blog!! I feel like I know your frustration, but yet, I know that I can't possibly know. I also know your love because I too am a parent. I remember the dreams you have when your children are small. Keep blogging, keep praying, God hears and God knows.