Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Guys are Lucky...

In my quest to focus on the positive and not be in constant "pity party mode", I've noticed a few reasons why my kids are lucky to have special needs.

Last weekend, we went to a Super Bowl birthday party for one of Zach's school mates.  Zach has two friends with the same name who are his absolute best friends in the entire world.  Anytime he has a chance to reference a friend or talk about a friend, he is talking about one of these guys.  When he sees them, he's absolutely ecstatic and runs to give him a hug. (Sometimes they will even make kissy noises.)  They jump up and down and dance when they see each other.

I love this example of pure friendship!  They enjoy each other and they aren't afraid to show it.  They aren't worried about what "someone will say" - they care about each other.  They hug.  So what if they are "tweeners" and should just high five or smile.  How many other guys their age can openly show their friendship.

My guys are lucky.  If they are excited to see their bestie - they hug.  Conversely, if they are upset, they can cry.  They don't have to have any pretenses.  They are lucky!

Today, we were at a popular playground and it was crawling with kids from a birthday party.  A little girl ran around and said, "It's time for cake! Come on, it's time for cake!"  My guys like cake and they heard someone telling people to come get cake.  So what if they weren't a part of the party...

So of course, off they ran.  Being the great parent that I am, I didn't see them run to the party.  But a few minutes later, I noticed Zach and Ryan enjoying a piece of cake...  I was mortified, but the party mom was gracious enough to let my guys eat cake.  She actually thought it was the part of the day!!  Not too many other kids their age could get away with that...

They are lucky!

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