Monday, February 28, 2011

Will I really miss these things?

I love to tell stories about the "cute" and frustrating things my kids do.  And several friends tell me I should write a book about my life - (yea, I agree... "Really?" is what I have to say to that idea too!) And my friends with older kids tell me that I will miss these days, so every so often, I want to record the things that I will supposedly miss...  This is mainly for my benefit, but you are welcome to read along...

They say I will miss...

Peanut butter smeared on my couches and windows
Being awakened at 5 am on the weekends to a little boys banging in their rooms - building an addition onto their house as Mark says.
Turning shirts around so they are on the right way
Putting seat belts on the kids every time we get in the car
Reminding climbing monkeys to get their feet on the floor and to stop scaling my furniture
Fishing toys out of the pool that were thrown over the baby gate
Hearing Ryan alternate between, "Mama" and "Mine"
Brushing little teeth
Wiping noses.
The goofy grown up teeth that are way to big for their head
The toothless grin that Ryan has
Snuggles when they don't feel well
The way their head fits perfectly on my shoulder when I am carrying them on my hip
Their excitement about getting on the bus and the hugs when they get off the bus
How Zach calls Mark, "Mark"
Eating the apples non-stop

Ok, so a few of these I will miss...  Stay tuned for my next rambling, non-sensical message!

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Jen said...

Maybe its not so much missing all of them, but sad that the 'easier' problems to fix have given way to bigger ones.