Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Isn't it just like God...

I have an unexpectedly quiet morning and I have had the chance to really think about Christmas. I haven't done much shopping or baking. I did mail half of the cards - the other half are awaiting stamps - that I forgot to buy. We are making a toy kitchen for the boys - but it's only partially done. I don't know when it will all get pulled together - and I don't really mind. The boys are sick and Mark is flying to Haiti on Wednesday and Thursday. I suspect things will come together on Friday. But even if it doesn't, I'm not bothered by it.

Let me back up... We are down to one car because the other is getting repaired. I know Mark is going to be gone for two days and the cupboards are bare. So I went shopping at 5 am. As I was driving home, the moon was full and life was quiet and still.

The song "Mary and Joseph" by Dave Barnes came on the radio and I had the chance to really listen to the lyrics.

"... So in a barn she gave birth
To the king of kings the Lord of Earth
Just a little bitty thing sleeping on the hay...

But the story's too long to tell
He walked on water and lived through hell
Killed on a cross and rose from the grave
We got a king they got a son
Mary and Joseph were the only ones
There on that very first Christmas day..."

I started tearing up. I'm a mom of two boys. And the contrast between me and God got even bigger...

I toured hospitals and chose the "plush" birthing suite. Jesus - was born in a barn.
I brought them home to new sheets and bedding. Jesus - slept on straw.
I treated my children like they were royalty. Jesus - He is royalty.
I wasn't sure if I could be trusted with a newborn. But Mary and Joseph - trusted with the KING OF THE WORLD!!

And I realized, isn't it just like God to do things so counter to the way the world works? I mean really... a barn? A bed on the straw? For the one to whom every knee will bow?

I guess then it should be no surprise when I ask for a miracle and it shows up in the most unexpected way. I ask for God to fix my problem - and He does - but in the craziest way...

Merry Christmas and my prayer is that you truly think about Christmas - and not your "Christmas to-do list"

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Carol said...

Oh Kristen...this post is so beautiful. Thank you, thank you for the sweet reminder of what we all should be focusing on in this 2 days before Christmas madness!

Love to you and your family, and a very Merry Christmas!