Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Post #191

I really have nothing to say, I just felt like "talking" and there are only so many Twitters I can tweet...

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are a blur around here. Either Mark or I are gone and it gets kinda annoying. Tonight, Mark has some people using the hangar and a flight lesson. On Monday nights, I pray with two other ladies and Wednesday night is Bible Study.

I love praying for our husbands with these two ladies. It's really cool to see the difference it's making, especially in my attitude!

Ryan spilled apple juice across the counter that's between the stove and fridge. It's really gross back there. When was the last time you cleaned it? Me? 9 months.

I've been doing a Beth Moore Bible study on the book of Daniel and it's amazing! Today two things really struck me - I'll share more in it's own post. I'm still thinking about it!

How can such huge turds come out of such little people? Ok, I know. Gross. But I also know you have said the same thing before!!

Ryan is on stitches number - unknown. This time we didn't get a teddy bear. I wonder if they ran out because of all the bears they have given to us in the past.

Zach's teacher sent home a note about how much he loves his little brother. I read it during a smack-down over the loss of Wii privlidges.

I really have to get over this misery over not having "normal" kids. I'm in that poor-me cycle. Bad, bad, bad.

My Indiana Hoosiers are winning more football games than losing. Go Hoosiers!

I really love Neil Diamond - especially "Sweet Caroline" and "Song Sung Blue". I'm 37 - does that make me a goober?

A bunch of 6th grade girls were fawning all over this high school football player and she started crying when he hugged her. Then later, my 6th graders asked me if I thought he was hot. Ummm... Can't say that I look at teens and decide if they are hot or not. Two seconds after that, another girls says she is jealous of her sister because she wraps his ankles. Funny!

Why do I let my mind jump ahead and worry about stuff that may not even happen?

My hamstring hurts - it's where the hamstring meets the butt. Ouch.

Ok, that's it for now!


Paula said...

You were there for me when I went through the "why me", so I'd like to be there for you. Call me if you need to talk!

Prachar family said...

Mine still hurts too. Maybe we need to run more? It didn't hurt me during Insanity...did yours?