Sunday, October 10, 2010

Colts vs. Chiefs Game

I am not a major NFL fan, but I love football (does that make any sense?) As a way to get some good friends over for fun, I had a Colts vs. Chiefs party planned. I made chili and invited everyone over for the 1 pm kick off. I checked the Colt's website and saw that the game was on at 1 pm.

Back when I mentioned the game with Travis and she asked, "Are you sure the game is on?" My confident reply... "Of course! The website says it is."

At 12:55, I turned on the TV and found out that the Ravens game was on in our area! I freaked out... So we tried to find it on the internet. I was unsuccessful, but we were able to watch the arrows move on ESPN and listened on the radio. So for most of the game, we were gathered around my lap top.

I invited several Colts fans... but they stood me up. I was grossly out numbered by the Chiefs... but it goes to show it's not the number of fans...

SPOILER: (Because some people are watching the taped version a little later)

Here's the looks on the Chiefs fans when the "fat lady started singing".

The kids also gathered around the computer... but to watch Sesame Street rather than football.

Alaina has a pretty impressive shot with that Nerf gun! Although with three older brothers, she has no choice but to hold her own...

We didn't see much of Sam, Ben and Zach... they spent their time in the toy room.

Not everybody was into the game...

Sundays are made for naps...

Despite the non-chilly chili weather and not having the game on TV, I had a great time and I hope the Prachars and Handers did too!

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