Saturday, August 8, 2009

El Mikarts aventura Mexicano 2009

Have you ever seen so many pictures on my blog? We just finished one of the best vacations... It was pretty hard to top our Jamiaca trip (even though Ryan spent 2 nights in a rural Jamaican hospital...) and our trips to Michigan have been pretty fun too. But, cruising... way fun!

We got to Ft. Lauderdale Sunday afternoon and stayed at the swanky Westin on the beach. It was a super great deal on Hotwire...
The boys loved playing on the beach - and the big waves of the Atlantic...
Mark and Zach, of course, enjoyed the pool. What is a swimming "session" without Mark tossing Zach into the water?

I almost got a perfect picture of the boys together. Almost....
Then on Monday, we got to our cruise ship in Miami. Tuesday morning was Key West, but since we've been there often, we just got off the boat to get Lactaid pills for Mark and crazy Hawaiian shirts. Ryan was pretty exhausted and just rode around on Mark's shoulders.

Wednesday afternoon was Cozumel. I was a little nervous about what we would do because I was too cheap to pay for an excursion... So we went to the market and then...
We rented a Jeep and drove around the island! Cozumel is GORGEOUS! ME GUSTA MUCHA!!

We went swimming at this little beach - Chen Rio Playa.
Drank coconut milk at a different beach.

Took millions of pictures of the coast.

And then got lost in Cozumel Cuidad. Fortunately, Mark speaks Spanish and we made it back to the boat!s
A whole lot of time was spent at the Water Play Area on our boat:
Zach loved the hot tub.

And they were obsessed with the bunk beds in our cabin.

We ate, we relaxed, we played, and we were merry! I can't wait until our next cruise. Anyone want to come with us?
Oh - and this was actually a cheap vacation! We came in under budget! Imagine that!!!!

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Prachar family said...

OOOOhhh, that looked like AMAZING fun!! Can we go next time????