Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just some unrelated stories

Zach is talking up a storm...  He is getting attitude too.  Now, I'm not really complaining about this - but we now need to work on respectful ways to talk to mommy and daddy.

Zach has learned to "Shhhh" only it comes out with just the s sound.  He loves to say, "Sssss, go away, you're mean."

We have a rule that you have to stay sitting at the dinner table or go to your room.  We also send Zach to his room when he is not being pleasant.  Last night, he didn't like what I said to him, so he said, "You need to go to YOUR room." Complete with attitude.

Zach is also obsessed with Disney.  But he actually seems completely overwhelmed by the park and the rides. I think he likes the anticipation better than the actual place.  He even has his bag packed for the next trip.

And finally, Zach has learned "Ta da!" And he knows how to use it!

Ryan, like all youngest children, has learned a few key phrases of his own.  "Mine" in a high pitched screech is always effective.  He has also learned, "Give it back, it's mine!"  But that is not a sentence, it's one word pronounced like this "givbakitmine"

Tonight, I got my haircut and the stylist said, "I like your hair long, you look pretty.  But let me get my glasses so I can confirm."  Gee, thanks?

Trying to figure out the summer vacation and it is driving me batty.  My 20th reunion is this summer and so we might as well make it the vacation.  But really?  A week in Indiana?  No thank you.

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