Thursday, October 15, 2009

Top Ten Thursday

I somehow stumbled across this blog last year and I love reading her posts! Sara at Domestically Challenged and her friends have started a blog carnival on Thursdays - called Top 10. I have wanted to participate, but never took the chance. You can simply post in top 10 style - it can be her subject or any other topic on your mind.
Because I'm not creative, I'm stealing her idea: the top 10 jobs I am thankful I don't have...
1. Bartender - I would hate to sit around and listen to a bunch of drunks cry over a shot of whiskey or a bunch of rowdy college students - (or even worse, 20-somethings that wish they were still in college!)
2. Septic System worker - gross.
3. Preschool teacher - I can barely handle my own kids, why would I want to spend ALL DAY with a bunch of tiny children that frighten me? (This said from a middle school teacher...)
4. Assistant Principal - Discipline. All day long dealing with discipline. No thank you! (Not to mention the cranky teachers)
5. Chef - I spent a summer as a baker. It's hard work and you are always working when others are playing. Plus - I would be gigantically huge from all the food.
6. Taxi driver - I hate driving around and I would be totally paranoid that I picked up the whacko.
7. Celebrity - I like flying under the radar, not have people recognize me everywhere I go. Plus, the pressure to look good all the time... no thank you!
8. Factory worker - doing the same thing every day, over and over would drive me nuts!
9. Cruise ship worker - I am glad they do these jobs... but making panini's 6.5 days a week, 9 hours a day, for six weeks would make me go insane. Plus... all those ungrateful people!
10. Artist - I would starve. Period. I am NOT artistic, creative, or anything like that.


Swoozie said...

Loved your list!
Bartender is a great one! I could NOT do that as it is sooooo not my deal! I'd wind up telling everyone to "Just go home NOW".

And LOL at Artist as I, too, would starve due to my non-artistic ways.

Stop by and check out my list! Thanks!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

wow! that was an awesome list! there is not one thing on there, other than a preschool teacher, which i've done, that I would be able to stomach doing! Awesome choices, especially the cruise ship worker. They work such insanely long hours/days, and like you said, so repetitive!